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XLPE stands for Cross Linked Polyethylene. It is a highly effective insulating material that is used extensively in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry. XLPE insulation is typically carried out on copper pipes, MS Pipes, Drainpipes, Chilled water pipelines, Air Conditioning AC Ducts, Air Handling Units.

Besides thermal insulation, XLPE insulation is also used for acoustic lining of ducts, plenums, and air handling units. XLPE insulation comes in 2 structures namely open cell structure and closed cell structure. XLPE Open cell structure is used for acoustic lining, whereas XLPE Closed cell structure is used for thermal insulation. XLPE insulation offers negligible moisture/water absorption, very good acoustic and thermal insulation, high resistance to Fungi, non-reactive, easy to install and easy to transport.

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