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Volume control dampers are available with either parallel or opposing blade action, and each style has distinct features in terms of active type. Parallel blade dampers are built so that all of the blades move in the same direction and are parallel. When the damper functions in its two positions, open or shut, the parallel blade arrangement is employed. Opposed blade dampers are used on dampers that control airflow and are built such that blades close to each other move in different directions.

The location of the dampers inside the air conditioning system is either immovable or fixed. They may be adjusted manually by opening and shutting the volume control dampers’ doors. They also provide access to remove the ashes deposited in the ash-pan and eradicate the clinker.

The dampers are developed and built from various frames, blades, axles, bearings, blade linkage, and other elements to fit the damper’s specific use. The damper’s actuator controls the damper’s position depending on signals from the building automation system, thermostats and controllers, pressure switches, and relays. Actuator selection depends on the actuator’s capacity to appropriately open and shut the damper and the amount of torque it can deliver. The following factors usually determine this –

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