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Whenever one thinks of interior designs and ceiling designs we think of high cost and expense, but there are many materials in the market which cost less and look as good as the costly ones. One such example is thermocol false ceilings are very much in trend because they are easy to install and can be moulded into numerable, eye-catching designs.

Knowing that thermocol can be easily designed, you should tap into this opportunity. Detailed patterns and fine work can be made into the thermocol and can be installed easily. They can be left white or be easily painted in any colour you want.

Carving a dome into the ceiling and adding decorative details into the dome. Like these curved strips attached from the inside till the outside. The strips can be coloured or covered with textured paper. The textured paper can act as a reflective surface for the light. It’s better if you have contrasting colours for the dome and the thermocol for a royal look.

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