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Filters made out of imported non woven synthetic media of 200g supported by a course woven mesh at air entry side & a high quality PVC molded mesh / Aluminum mesh on the air exit side, finally housed in a G.I. / Al / SS casing with all four sides potted with a special sponge effect PU resin.

An air purifier pre-filter is the first step of air filtration and it captures larger particles like hair, dirt, and dust. It prevents the clogging of the main filter, enabling it to be more effective in removing small pollutants. The pre-filters are used in numerous air purification systems that are installed in commercial buildings, homes, transportation systems, and public areas.

As important as the air purifiers have become these days, the need to change their filter often makes it a bit expensive appliance. Regularly changing filters is necessary to ensure clean air inside your home. Numerous factors such as level of air pollution, size of the area, etc. affect the useful life of a filter. Too many pollutants present in the air will put too much pressure on the filter.

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