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Aerocell GC is a product by ALP Aeroflex. It is a closed cell nitrile rubber insulation that is factory laminated with 7 MIL woven Glass Cloth. The product is available in 1000 mm wide rolls of varying thickness of 9 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm. It is a closed cell elastomeric foam that’s made from Nitrile rubber.

Closed-cell foam uses the same suspended bubbles in a polyurethane matrix as the open form but the bubbles are filled with a blowing agent. The blowing agent provides a more effective thermal barrier than air, leading to higher R-values compared to other insulations. Closed-cell foam insulation is denser than open-cell foam, which breathes; closed-cell foam is essentially incompressible once cured. It is the more common of the two types of polyurethane spray foams. In the trades, it is known as “medium-density” or “two-pound” foam. Closed-cell polyurethane foams have R-values around 6.0-7.14/in.

Closed-cell foams resist water penetration and moisture build-up. Moisture can eventually attract bacterial growth, promoting mold, which can eat away at wood and compromise structural integrity. Closed-cell foams can be exposed to water without absorbing it, making it particularly useful against a subgrade foundation, for example. It does not expand in volume as much as open-cell foams do.

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