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We have looked into the benefits of pipe insulation in our previous blog. So, we know that pipe insulation helps the plumbing in your home function more efficiently. In addition to saving energy costs, pipe lagging helps reduce your carbon footprint. Pipe Insulation protects pipes from condensation, sweating and other issues.

By lagging pipework, pipes remain protected from extreme temperatures, dirt and corrosion. Therefore, it is essential to insulate pipes and ducts in your homes, commercial settings and industrial settings.

Pipes in the cold spaces of your home need to be insulated as well. If you have a cold roof, then the mineral wool loft insulation rolls laid down between and over the joists effectively stop the heat at the ceiling level. This means that the pipes and tanks in the loft are often exposed to freezing temperatures.

So, leaving them un-insulated can quickly become a reason for many problems. Uninsulated pipes can freeze or burst, which in turn could damage your furniture and belongings. It could also make the mineral wool loft insulation wet, causing moulds and other problems.

There are many pipe lagging options available. Besides, when you buy pipe insulation online, you get easy access to many sizes and specifications of the pipe lagging, something that may not be available at your local vendor.

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