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If the world of jet nozzles feels a little overwhelming, we get it. There are seemingly endless jet nozzle options, all in different shapes and sizes, some with unique features, others that just seemed designed for the basics. Not only is it hard to tell these nozzles apart and gauge which is best for your application, but the price of the nozzles also ranges dramatically.

few hundred dollars, and some are a few thousand. You’re working with a budget, so it’s important to know when it is worthwhile to buy a more expensive sewer cleaning nozzle and when it isn’t. How do you make the best choices? This guide can help. In it, we’ll walk you through the basics of choosing a nozzle for your specific application. If you need more direction, you can always contact the experts at US Jetting.

There are general-purpose hydro jet nozzles that are ideal for a range of circumstances, like cleaning out mid-sized pipes. However, there are also jet nozzles that have specific purposes. Often you will find those unusually shaped nozzles give you an advantage when cleaning out certain kinds of pipes or performing certain jobs.

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