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Anyone who owns an HVAC system has noticed temperature swings as the season's change. Your living room is nice and toasty one minute; then, it's unbearably hot the next.

For ideal airflow, it’s crucial you select the right grille for the job. Return air grilles are best used in combination with fixed grilles, as the direction of the air does not matter. For supply grilles, however, you'll want an adjustable grille so that you can spread the air evenly throughout the room.

With regards to energy efficiency and airflow, it’s best to reduce your HVAC system’s airflow if you are going to close off vents in unused rooms. Closing an air vent without airflow reduction only redirects the excess airflow to other areas of your home, which can cause leakage and energy wastage, and contribute to long-term damage. With that said, you should never close more than 25% of your vents as the system won't have enough outlets to push the air through, which could lead to burn out.

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