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When air blows directly out of your ductwork and through a register or grille, it is either being directly pushed out or down. Once installed, an HVAC diffuser will cause the air to spread out evenly in multiple directions, which allows for even distribution. Plus, a diffuser is also beneficial for the reduction of noise with a properly designed system.

HVAC diffusers not only improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling and heating equipment by spreading air more effectively in a given room, but they also have an attractive appearance, too. These devices come in round, square, rectangular, and linear designs, which makes them a perfect complement to any home.

There's a somewhat common misconception amongst many homeowners that diffusers function in the same way as grilles and registers. However, while those two latter items are put into place to block objects from entering your ductwork or HVAC system, diffusers are used to evenly distribute the air into a specific area.

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